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Fitness Classes for Busy Women in Didsbury

Struggling to find the time to fit a workout into your hectic schedule? We understand. At Busy Woman’s Fitness project, the aim of our fitness bootcamps is to provide women with the chance to fit a functional and fun workouts into their busy day.

With group bootcamps and individual personal training courses available, we guarantee you’ll find the workout (and the time) you need to achieve your fitness goals. Take a look below for more information on our services, our approach to training, and why our workouts are perfect for women with a busy schedule.

Didsbury Outdoor Bootcamp Classes

Our bootcamp classes are allowing women across the Stockport area and beyond to realise their fitness goals, and to also see that there is always time in the day to get a workout in.

With the option of an early morning workout, or a class following the school-run, our bootcamps focus on improving functional fitness, with training centered around overall body movement, toning and endurance.

Experience the benefits of an outdoor fitness class, the sense of empowerment in a group setting, and the opportunity to increase overall fitness with our women-only exercise bootcamps.

Personal Training for Women in Didsbury 

If you’d rather us work around your schedule, or you can’t make the bootcamp classes and want to experience the fitness revolution our classes provide, then why not get booked in for a free personal training consultation?

You can choose from one personal training session, to booking in blocks of 36 sessions; the choice is yours. Perfect for beginners, or women looking to break the mold and step outside of the average gym session, our personal training programs provide nutritional information, and workouts tailored to your individual fitness goals. Why not get in touch for more information? We look forward to hearing from you soon!