Team BWFP Complete the Delamere Commando Trail 10K

We are so proud to share with you that all 18 of us who took part in the Delamere Forest Commando Trail 10k assault course completed the race in fine form and all with very muddy smiles on our faces.

Our BWFP dream team consisted of 2 personal trainers, 15 fabulous female FITcampers and our 1 male mascot.

This year we decided to raise money for The Animal Sanctuary in Wilmslow which is run by the Human Education Society because we wanted to help support the amazing work they do.

“Working for a more compassionate society through education and practical work with children and animals.”

Wilmslow Animal Sanctuary - Busy Woman's Fitness Project

Tragically there has been a significant rise in animal cruelty and abandoned animals over the past few years but the amazing efforts of the Animal Sanctuary has meant that not only animals are taken in, taken care of and rehomed, but children and others are educated on the magnificence of these beautiful and innocent creatures.

As most of us are animal lovers here at the Busy Woman’s Fitness Project we wanted to do something to help support those in need whilst also helping to educate children.

The BWFP members taking part in this challenge are incredible women who have achieved amazing fitness transformations over the past few months whilst attending our fitness bootcamp for women in Heaton Moor.

Your Body Achieves - Busy Woman's Fitness Project

We gladly endured the mud, the (smelly) water, the sandbags, the hills, the hay bales, the tunnels, the 12ft walls and everything else they threw at us so we could raise money for these extremely deserving creatures and this amazing animal sanctuary.
So far we have raised over £500 and are grateful for every single one of those donations.

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to everyone who gave us your support.

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