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Looking for an outdoor alternative to your standard gym class in Stockport?

We are here to help. Many women hold the belief that they are simply too busy to workout. Whether it’s work commitments, a hectic family life, or even prioritising a workout over a daily routine, the decision to put fitness first is not an easy one to go through.

Busy Woman’s Fitness Project provides help to women who want to break the mold, to challenge their bodies, and to build functional fitness and get toned in the process. Whether you’re looking for a way to fit a workout into your busy schedule, or simply want a new challenge to increase your fitness and endurance, then our bootcamps are here for you. 

What our outdoor bootcamp in Stockport entails

Our fitness bootcamps and programs for women are centered around building functional strength. Focusing on form, movement, and conditioning your body to cope with the stress of working out, our classes cover all bases of bodyweight workouts, resulting in a program which is both fun and functional for all women.

Our classes offer an experience which simply can’t be replicated in a busy gym. Focusing on class times to fit in around your busy lifestyle (our post-school run class is a particular favourite), our morning workouts leave you feeling refreshed, confident, and in the perfect frame of mind to start the day off right. 

Women-Only Personal Training in Stockport

Aside from group bootcamps and fitness classes, we also offer personal training packages for women looking to get serious about their fitness goals. Set to fit around your schedule, our trainers will tailor the perfect program for you, and work around your goals to establish a fitness plan that works.

It’s easy to come up with excuses to not work out, and the hardest thing to do is make the change. Why not get in touch with our trainers today, to discuss a plan that works for you?