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Outdoor Bootcamp Training for women in Bramhall

Finding the time to workout can often be a difficult task. From juggling commitments with work and home, to dividing your free time to focus on the things you love, many busy women often struggle to put time aside to exercise. Busy Woman’s Fitness Project is here to help you fit healthy living into your demanding lifestyle, and dedicate a small portion of your time to focusing on fitness.

Our approach to training comes in the form of group bootcamps and singular personal training sessions (for the busy woman looking for a training program to fit around her schedule). Take a look below for further information regarding what to expect from our classes, our approach to personal training in Bramhall and much more.

Bramhall Bootcamp Fitness Classes

It is often difficult to find the motivation to get down to the gym. Navigating around the post-work gym crowd, queuing for machines, and struggling to stick to a plan. Sound familiar? It happens to everyone. Our local fitness classes were born out of this frustration, and have been transforming the lives of busy women since day one.

Based a stone’s throw away from Bramhall, in the Stockport suburb of Heaton Moor, our bootcamps are the perfect alternative to the standard gym routine. Focused on improving functional fitness as a group, the classes will leave you feeling invigorated and ready to take on any challenges that comes your way.

Women Only Person Training in Bramhall

Looking for a more personal approach? We understand that every woman has their own, individual fitness goals. If this is the avenue you want to pursue, then why not get in touch for a free personal training consultation? Available as single sessions, or for purchase in a personal training package, the sessions are completely tailored to your goals.