How to Stop Over Eating

If you want to change your relationship with food, you must first start by changing how you think about it!

To gain control and learn how to stop overeating it’s a good idea to look at the process of hunger, eating and your physical reactions to food.

How to Stop Over Eating


When your stomach starts to rumble, this physical reaction is known as hunger. Ghrelin is released when your stomach is empty, if you don’t regulate your food intake, like when you eat, how much you eat and the type of foods you eat then
your hormone levels can fluctuate which can lead to increased body weight.


The meaning of this word is really desire and it means a desire to consume food or drink. When your hormones aren’t balanced, you may trigger the opposite effect of the hormone leptin which is meant to tell your body that you’re full. But when your body produces low levels of leptin you don’t get the message that you’re full which can lead to overeating and increase in body fat.


Never skip a meal – If most people seeking a solution to overeating actually enjoy eating, It’s beyond me as to why so many people skip breakfast or any other meal! Skip a meal on a regular basis and you mess with your hormonal balance which can lead to very real problems in the long run.

Eating right – Eat foods that keep you feeling full the longest. Protein is highly important in keeping you feeling full, fiber from whole gains, fruit and vegetables.

Hydration – Stay well hydrated with natural liquids such as water, drink at least 2 litres a day, increase this further depending on your exercise level and the temperature. The need for hydration can often be mistaken for feelings of hunger, therefore it’s wise to ensure you drink filtered water regularly throughout the day. It’s proven to help you lose weight, flushes the toxins out and keeps you looking radiant and feeling alert!

Portion control – Take portions off your plate and save half for the next day‟s lunch or save money and time by freezing half of the portion. You can also eat off a smaller plate, if it doesn’t fit on the plate then it wont go on your hips! If in company, eat a little of everything (chewing slowly) and let them know it was delicious but you are full and ask them if you can take the rest home as it was so tasty. Eat the rest for lunch the next day!

Take action towards distraction – If you keep making the same mindless decisions to eat, eat and eat some more then you’ll keep getting the same results. In order to make changes in your life, you have to take different actions. The best cure for this is distraction. Next time you start to feel hungry fairly soon after you’ve eaten, distract yourself with something else (not smoking!). Call a friend, play a game, do the ironing, go for a walk, run a bath, do anything that will stop you from taking steps towards over eating and take steps toward positive change instead.

By just making some small changes can lead to big results in gaining control of your over eating.

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