How to Get Healthier

While this isn’t the cheeriest of messages, it does come with an important point…

Your health and your life are in your hands (on the most part) so it’s vital you do everything in your power to take care of them both.

Did you know that the majority of premature deaths in the UK can be prevented? Premature is pre-sixties! If you live to post 75 you’re winning.

Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, and Liver Disease are the top killers in the UK today.

What can you do to increase your odds? Improve your lifestyle that’s what!

It’s all well and good exercising two or three times a week but it takes more than that to lead a healthy lifestyle and most of all you have to add the willpower for it to work.

The question you have to ask yourself is, what’s more important to you, a good stab at a long and healthy life or that bottle of wine and take away one too many times a month?

According to the department of health, two thirds of premature deaths are preventable!

That includes cancer believe it or not. Cancer Research UK states that an unhealthy lifestyle is the root cause of around a third of all cancers. Poor diet and heavy drinking have been linked to several types of cancer.

Heart disease is still one of the biggest killers of women in the UK!

The good news for you is that exercise can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%. The bad news is if you’re carrying excess amounts of body fat then that puts a greater strain on your heart, so even if you’re exercising like a loon 24 hours a day, if your lifestyle and diet is poor it won’t really be making a difference at all!

Look after the men in your life too because Heart Disease is still the biggest killer of men in the UK today!

High blood pressure is the main cause of stroke, 10,000 deaths a year are preventable. Reduce your risk of stroke by keeping your blood pressure low, to do this, follow the BWFP principles and live your healthiest life.

Liver disease is on the increase in England, it has risen by 20% in the last decade!

“More than a third of men and over a quarter of women regularly exceed the recommended level of alcohol intake. Fatty liver disease is the other main cause of this increase. Fatty deposits can build up in your liver which can cause inflammation and scarring. This is more likely to happen if you are overweight, diabetic or regularly drink too much alcohol.”

The most alarming statistic is the rise of dementia. The rise in reported cases seems to be mainly down to people living longer according the The Alzheimers Society. It’s affecting women more than men but women also live longer on average anyway.

The only absolute step you can take shown to reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease is exercise.

Keeping your brain active and learning new skills could help, and a healthy balanced diet including plenty of Omega 3’s could also be beneficial. Quality sleep is another area which could help keep dementia at bay, as will the reduction of stress in your life.

If you appear slim on the outside, it doesn’t necessarily suggest you’re healthy on the inside!

So, focus on all the ways in which you can be your healthiest self and your weight will take care of itself.

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