Helping to Make Everything Possible

Our Outdoor Training - Busy Woman's Fitness ProjectWe don’t like to blow our own trumpet, so we let our clients do it for us instead.

Helping women like Sarah is exactly why we do what we do. It’s our privilege to make such a positive difference to women all across South East Manchester and Cheshire.

As we have been training for a while, I asked Sarah to give me her feedback on our Personal Training sessions and here’s what she had to say:

Full Name * Sarah Kershaw
Why did you decide to try BWFP Personal Training over any other local options? * I picked BWFP through recommendation and also I liked the fact they focus on women, they are more than just trainers, they have the ability to find time in your week that you didn’t think was possible, they structure whole package from taking you shopping to recipes to planning a 10k. Importantly they work with you and listen.
What was your motivation to start Personal Training? * My 7 year old daughter told me I had a fat tummy and I didn’t want the issue of being overweight to have an impact on her.
What do you love about the sessions and the nutrition / lifestyle aspects? * The sessions set me up for the week, it’s not just about training, we discuss food, issues, goals.
What physical or psychological results have you experienced because of the Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching? * MASSIVE ONES! starting to find me again, starting to look after me again, enjoying watching my body change and muscle appear
What personal goals have you achieved? * 1.5 stone off, training 5 times a week (including one to one PT, an at home workout and other activities)
What difference has this made in your life? * much more energy and a calmer person
Would you recommend BWFP Personal Training to other women? * I would recommend BWFP Personal Training to other women 100%.
What do you most like about your trainer and why? * Rachel is fantastic, she cares so much about your goals, I’ve never met a trainer like her, she listens and makes everything possible.

Prior to starting training with us, Sarah was training with a PT at a well known gym in the local area but wasn’t receiving all the support and personal attention she needed  to truly succeed and reach her goals. We have worked closely together to ensure Sarah is now receiving the level of service that is required for her to achieve all of the above and more.

If you would like to gain the benefits that Sarah has or have any questions about how one to one personal training could help you, then please get in touch via our contacts page and let’s get together for a coffee and a chat.

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