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Nutritionally Wholesome Granola

We’re both fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaches who have a serious passion for making our own food from scratch. We’ve been doing this for many years’ and promoting this healthy eating lifestyle to our clients which ensures everyone enjoys the foods they love but also get the benefits of natural nutritionally wholesome foods. We also sell retail to local cafes and boutique shops across Cheshire East.

We add simple and natural ingredients which are provided by the earth from us to you.

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Why Buy Our Granola?

Because our recipe is suitable for many people who have alternative nutrition requirements and our granola is refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, suitable for vegetarians, includes only natural ingredients but still tastes super Moorish!

We both love granola but found that supermarket brands tend to be highly processed, full of sugar and nasties or just plain tasteless. So like most dishes we come across, we decided to create our own version to ensure it gave us the nutritional benefits our bodies need but also with totally amazing taste.

Because our customers love it so much we approached a few local establishments and have since started selling retail so keep an eye out for us in your local cafe or shop.

Retail Customers: If you would like to stock our BWFP Nutritionally Wholesome Granola in your cafe or shop, please contact us via our contact page with your details and we will be in touch to set up a meeting and taste test as quick as you can say breakfast.

Free Delivery Locations: The Four Heatons, Didsbury, Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Bramhall, Alderley Edge. If you live further out there is an additional delivery charge.

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Foods That Feed Your Soul…

Try our delicious homemade gluten free granola to ensure you have a nutritionally balanced breakfast that satisfies your soul without all the nasties.

Serve with Jersey milk, organic whole milk, vegan milk (almond, coconut, oat) or top with Total Greek Yoghurt and a handful of blueberries to give you an extra protein and antioxidant boost.

It’s a whole new magical world of deliciousness too if you add hot milk.

To purchase a pack of our Nutritionally Wholesome Granola click the link below.

300g Bag – £4.30

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