Gluten Free Honey Cake

Following a healthy eating lifestyle doesn’t mean a slice of cake can never pass your lips again! Seriously, we love cake and if you earn it you can eat it.

The trick is to bake a cake when the temptation to eat it all to yourself isn’t there.

So when you have friends visiting or you’ve got a special occasion, these are the best times to bake a cake. A sweet treat once in a while is really no big deal, it’s when it becomes a weekly or daily habit that eating cake can cause you health problems.

If you bake a cake yourself then you know exactly what’s going in to it and can then manipulate the recipe to suit your individual tastes and needs.

We’re really pleased that there’s been a 1950’s revival because it means people are getting back to using simple, quality ingredients and baking cakes just like Grandma used to make.

As the Great British Bake Off has returned to our screens we have created a new gluten free cake recipe for you to enjoy with family and friends.

We might be fit and healthy but that doesn’t mean we don’t love our food. We just love real food!

If you don’t have any issues with wheat or gluten you can use a really high quality organic flour blend, 50% white and 50% wholemeal. But if you’re prone to bloating or inflammation then best avoid both.

Gluten Free Honey Cake

Prep time – 10 minutes

Cooking time – 45 minutes

You will need parchment and an 8 inch loaf tin

Oven 190 / Fan 170 / Gas 5


125g Doves Farm Self Raising Flour Blend
2 tablespoons almond flour
75g Kerrygold butter (room temperature)
70g Unrefined granulated cane sugar
2 whole free range eggs (beaten)
1 tablespoon honey


– Place butter and sugar together in a large bowl and mix together

– Add in both the flours and sugar and stir until all mixed in

– Add in the eggs and honey and stir again

– Place in the (parchment lined) loaf tin and cook on the middle shelf turning 2 or 3 times to get an even bake

– Put a knife in the middle and if it comes out clean and the top is brown it’s cooked

– Remove from the parchment and place on a wire rack to cool

– Once cooled, slice and serve with a topping of your choice but we recommend…

A layer of orange curd or lemon curd and a tablespoon of Greek yogurt… Or before you bake it, sprinkle in some lemon rind, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of poppy seeds… Or mush up a banana and crush 10 pecans and you’ve got a banana nut loaf!

Maybe you’ll be inspired by one of the recipes on #GBBO

If there’s one you like the look of but need a healthier version, let us know and we’ll give it our BWFP magic and create a healthier version for you.


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