Fig and Pecan Loaf Cake Recipe

We have many wonderful clients and some of them even bring us lovely gifts from time to time. This week we have received some delicious fresh figs from a clients home grown fig tree. We of course enjoyed a few of them baked in the oven with honey, a little butter and served with a spoonful of Crème fraîche.

Some of the figs were over ripe so they were perfect for baking into a fig and pecan loaf cake too.

This has minimal sugar but is packed with flavour and fibre.

Prep to plate: 1.5 hours (mainly cooking time)
Portions: 8 to 10


125g organic wholemeal flour
125g ground almonds
120g Kerrygold (or organic) butter – room temperature
125g pecans – broken into small pieces
12 x dried figs – cut into small pieces
100g Billington’s light muscovado sugar
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 whole free range eggs – whisked
4 tbsp soured cream


Heat the oven to 180c (fan)
Line the 900g loaf tin with parchment so it covers all sides
Chop the pecans, figs and place to the side
Crack and whisk the eggs, add in the soured cream and stir to combine
Place the butter and sugar into a large mixing bowl (or food processor) and stir until combined
Add in the ground almonds and stir again until combined
Sift in the wholemeal flour, bicarb and baking powder and mix well
Fold in the figs and pecans until they are evenly dispersed and you have a thick golden batter
Spoon the batter into your lined tin and place in the oven to bake and rise for around 1 hour
Turn halfway through and if your knife comes out clean (ish) then it’s baked to perfection
Remove from tin and paper and place on a cooling rack until almost cold

Serve with a spread of mascarpone cheese

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