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Cheshire Workout Classes & Fitness Development

Looking for a break from the norm, and to challenge your current level of fitness? Maybe you want to find a class that suits your busy schedule? This is where can help.

Our team at Busy Woman’s Fitness Project understand that finding the time to workout, let alone stick to a workout plan, can often be incredibly difficult. Our classes are designed to not take up a lot of your time, and to provide a challenging (yet rewarding) workout to test your functional fitness, and assist you in closing in on your workout goals.

Take a look below at the classes and women-only training that our team offer in the Cheshire area, and beyond. 

Fitness Bootcamps for women in Cheshire

Our group bootcamps are becoming increasingly popular with busy women, who are challenging their levels of fitness and leaving our classes feeling empowered, confident, and ready to start the day.

You can choose from the early morning option, or head to one of our bootcamp classes after the school-run (particularly popular with our working mums looking to get a morning workout in).

The bootcamp workouts are challenging, rewarding, and fun. To find out more about our bootcamps, and to decide on the one for you, head to our Bootcamp page.

Women-Only Personal Training in Cheshire

If your schedule is particularly hectic, or you just prefer the one-to-one approach of personal training, then why not get in touch for a free personal training consultation?

Available as single sessions, or for purchase in blocks, our personal trainers work around your schedule, planning workouts and providing nutritional advice to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. Women across Cheshire are waking up to the possibilities our personal training provides; we look forward to helping you achieve your goals too!