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Cheadle Fitness Classes for Busy Women

Looking for a local fitness class, away from the hustle and bustle of the gym? Maybe you’ve fallen out of love with your current workout routine, or simply feel like you can’t find the time to fit a workout into your busy schedule? Our trainers at Busy Woman’s Fitness Project are here to help you find the time to achieve your fitness goals.

From dedicated personal training to group bootcamps, our workouts are made for busy women, and for allowing you to realise your fitness potential.

Group Bootcamp Fitness Classes in Cheadle

The beauty of our women-only bootcamps is that, in a group setting, every woman is able to draw inspiration and determination from the women around them.

Designed with the aim of empowering busy women, and helping women to realise that fitness doesn’t mean 2 hour sessions on the treadmill, our bootcamps utilise bodyweight to build functional strength, cardio endurance and all-round muscle tone.

Why not drop our trainers an email at enquiries@stephricefitness.com to find out more about our bootcamp classes? You can also take a look at the bootcamp page on our site for more information.

Personal Training near you in Cheadle

We also offer personal training for busy women with a tight schedule, across Cheadle and the greater Stockport area. Starting with a free consultation, our trainers establish your exact fitness goals, and build a program completely suited to you. From meal plans and nutrition guides, to workouts and instruction, our personal training sessions are dedicated to your needs.

If you’re a beginner looking for a fitness routine to start, or if you’re a seasoned veteran of the gym and are looking for a way to break out of a plateau, then our personal training sessions are the perfect solution.