Best Healthy Drinks for Summer

Save your health and your money by enjoying natural liquids that hydrate and nourish your body.

Here’s our top list of the best healthy drinks for summer:

 Water – filtered or mineral (this may sound obvious but most people don’t drink half the water the should each day which is 2 litres and more if you exercise)

Fruit water – Chilled with fresh slices of lemon, orange and lime – Get a fridge jug, fill it with filtered water, add in slices of citrus fruit and leave it in the fridge to enjoy over a few days

Sparkling water with freshly squeezed orange juice – Half a fresh orange in chilled sparkling water replaces poisonous cans of Fizzy Pop!!

Teas – Green, white, rooibos, herbal and natural – unsweetened fruit tea.

Lemon, ginger and honey tea – half of freshly squeezed lemon, slice of peeled ginger and 1 tsp. of Acacia honey in a mug of hot water.

Iced green and white tea

As you can see, there’s so many natural choices for drinks that are incredibly healthy and enjoyable so make sure you make the right choice with your drinks because your whole body will thank you for it.

Check out the different iced teas on this website:

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