Be a Friend to Yourself

Negative self talk seems to be in-built in all us humans (except the Dali Lama perhaps) but there are ways in which you can tell the voices to shut up and move onto feeling good about yourself again. 

When the voices creep in to say how ‘rubbish’ you look today, just think of yourself as a friend. Would you speak to someone you cared about like that? NO!

So care about yourself a little bit more and be kinder to yourself because you deserve to be treated well by everyone and that includes yourself.

You need to value yourself because you are amazing, so remember that! See yourself through your loved ones eyes. 

You don’t need to be perfect and all things to everyone to be amazing, you just are.

Always stay focused on two things; your accomplishments and things to be thankful for. These two things will perk you up any day, any time.

Stop focusing on what you can’t do and praise yourself for what you can do and always be a friend to yourself.


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