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Altrincham Fitness Classes

Are you an Altrincham resident, and feel like you simply don’t have the time to get to the gym on a regular basis? Many women feel the same way. Our mission at Busy Woman’s Fitness Project is to provide women across Greater Manchester and Cheshire with the opportunity to workout on a regular basis, and to achieve the fitness goals they never thought they had the time for.

Between the school-run, family life, and juggling the responsibilities of work, it can often seem like there’s no time for yourself. We’ve all been there. Both our bootcamp classes and personal training sessions are structured to enable you the time for a workout, either in a group setting or on an individual basis. Take a look below at the services we offer at Busy Woman’s Fitness Project. 

Bootcamp Fitness Classes in Altrincham

The issue with many local fitness classes is that the experience is often confined indoors. With our bootcamp classes, the workouts take place outside, and in a group environment. Working out as a group of women not only provides each individual with motivation, but empowers the entire group to grow and continue to achieve the fitness goals they set out to achieve. For the early risers, there is an early morning bootcamp option, and another class following the school-run for busy mums looking to get a workout in before taking on the day’s challenges.

Altrincham Personal Training Sessions

For busy women looking to fit a workout in around their schedule, our personal training sessions are the perfect alternative to our group classes.

Following the initial free consultation, our trainers will create a plan that is completely suited to your fitness aspirations. From developing cardio and muscle endurance, to toning up and increasing muscle strength, our trainers will develop a detailed plan with you.