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Rachel Sanderson
Rachel SandersonHead Coach
I started dancing not long after I started to walk and continued to compete and perform through to my late teens I became distracted and leading a fit and healthy life fell by the wayside. Underweight went to 4 stone overweight until I no longer recognised who I saw in the mirror. I had lost myself, but luckily I was in there somewhere and knew what I had to do. I made the necessary lifestyle changes to get my fitness and weight back to a healthy level, which wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight! I love helping people, so I decided to use my experiences to help others who want to discover their true potential because if I can achieve things I never thought possible I believe anyone can.

I hold qualifications in advanced personal training, TRX coaching, pre and post natal exercise instruction, Swedish massage, recreation & leisure, and PN1 nutrition coaching. I have also attended several life coaching and self development courses.

I love cooking and was influenced by my Dad who was a chef and Mum who is a fabulous cook. I love nothing more than taking a ‘bad for you’ recipe and making it ‘good for you’. I am fanatical about good exercise form and I believe that a good workout is one that’s done correctly.

I’m an avid Madonna fan, I love pizza and am willing to do the YMCA at a moment’s notice, try me.

Steph Rice
Steph RiceHead Coach
I started ice skating when I was little and went on to compete as a figure skater until my early twenties. I loved skating but my love of food was equally powerful and after experiencing an injury my focus waned and my waistline grew! It wasn’t until my late twenties that I realised I had spiralled out of control and something needed to change! After picking up a women’s health and fitness magazine and being inspired by what I saw, I decided to retrain to change my body, career and life. I have since worked with some high profile clients’ such as P!nk, Tina Brown [The Daily Beast], Amy Jempson [OK! Magazine] and several esteemed female entrepreneurs in London and now in Manchester and Cheshire.

I hold qualifications in advanced personal training, Boxercise, PN1 nutrition coaching, TRX, C.H.E.K Institute high performance core conditioning, functional anatomy of the core, swiss ball training and advanced program design.

I know you don’t have to belong to a gym to get great results because I have helped women change their body with little or no equipment and helped change their negative habits into positive ones through constant motivation and experienced training techniques.

I’m a Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and Texas fan. I love animals and food, especially a good spaghetti bolognese!

Continue reading to discover why we started the BWFP and why you would want to train with us…

Unlike other personal trainers, we have both struggled with weight gain alongside a lack of confidence and because of this we have a unique understanding of what that feels like for a woman.

You name it, we’ve done it! Drank too much, eaten the wrong things, followed pointless diets, sat too long on our bottoms, and gained and lost 7 stone between us, all before we hit 30!

Now we’re both on the other side of 40, and are living proof that any woman who wants to make positive changes to become healthier, fitter and happier can do so because we have done it. We even quit the ‘rat race’, retrained as personal trainers and started our own business, talk about making big changes!

It’s now our mission to share our experiences and help empower more women to make big positive changes for a better, healthier and fitter life.

We are the NO EGO female personal trainers.

Our focus is on client development and client experience, rather than focusing on our own training and posting selfie images of us in lycra crop tops, eating watermelon every day. We have a serious passion for helping busy women incorporate fitness and health into an often hectic life.

We built up a busy one to one personal training and massage therapy business in London working from The Sanderson Hotel, Champneys Health Spa, The Baglioni Hotel and in clients’ homes across the capital. But we had a desire to lead a less demanding lifestyle and take some time to redefine our business, we relocated to Heaton Moor on the outskirts of Manchester and Stockport in Cheshire and haven’t looked back.

Having provided health, fitness and lifestyle services since the mid 2000’s, we have had the privilege of helping hundreds of women bring healthy living into their demanding lives the natural way.

We are opposed to pills, potions, lotions, juices, detoxes, cleanses and fad diets. Our focus is on natural nutrition which comes from the earth, land or sea, and our ethos is no gimmicks or fads in fitness and in health.

After years of working within these fields we know that exercise and fitness are just a small part of what women need to make positive changes, in order to live their healthiest lives, which is why we take an holistic approach to their entire lifestyle and give them the tools and coaching they need to make positive changes in their mind, body and life.

We set up our women only outdoor bootcamps (fitcamps) and personal training in Heaton Moor because despite the presence of lots of fitness classes and male led bootcamps, there wasn’t anything in the local area or even in the North West that caters specifically for the busy professional woman and busy mums who want and need a little time to work on themselves.

Our own mothers (and grandmothers) are our inspirations for wanting to help busy women give a little time and care back to themselves.

Both brought up by incredible working mothers who each raised two children whilst juggling work/life and still managed to cook fresh meals every night from scratch. They are to us the original ‘busy women’ and the reason we are the women we are today. 

Our BWFP mascot is in the form of a dinky dapple Dachshund called Stevie Sausage (named after the incredible Stevie Nicks). Stevie often accompanies us to our 9.15am post school run fitcamp and is a fantastic source of encouragement to the campers and a joy in our lives.

If you would like more information about how we can help you then please do not hesitate to contact us now via our contact page.