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Heaton Moor Fitness BootCamp

Exclusively For Women

Our Heaton Moor Bootcamp is exclusively offered to female professionals and busy mums who want and need a little time to work on themselves.

Do you want to feel fitter, slimmer, stronger, healthier, and more confident? Need more motivation? Wasting money and time at the gym? Tired of your workout routine? Need more support with your nutrition? Want a fitness regime that doesn’t take over your life? You’re on the right website!

The Busy Woman’s Fitness Project is a fitness bootcamp for women held at convenient times in Heaton Moor. Fast, fun and effective workouts that get results for time deprived women. Suitable for all levels of fitness.

Improve strength (inside and out), power, flexibility, balance, stability and mobility. No fads and no gimmicks, just tried and trusted fitness and nutrition programmes that work. There’s something special about exercising in the elements, the birds, the sun, the moon, the fresh air, the rain, the workouts and laughter all make it one very special experience and one that changes lives. Give us a try and experience all of this for yourself…

Starts Tuesday 3rd March 2020

Option 1: 6.15am to 7am

Option 2: 9.15am to 10am

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

Exercise Class Heaton Moor Busy Womans Fitness Project

****When you sign up you will be sent an email (check your spam!), click the link in the email and it will trigger the application form to be sent to you, please fill that out in detail and we will reply with all the information for your trial.

Join our established female boot camp family in Heaton Moor and discover how so many busy women are making their workouts work for them.

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The fitcamps make you feel that anything is possible.

Doing the same workout every day, indoors in the same boring gym, can often be incredibly tiresome. This can also lead to an exercise plateau, and a resulting loss in fitness motivation. The same can be said about being a busy working woman, with the stress of the office and working life often depleting any energy set aside for a workout.

Our team at Busy Woman’s Fitness Project are challenging busy, working women to achieve their fitness goals, proving that there’s always time to set aside for exercise, fitness, and a healthier life.

With a pre and post school-run bootcamp options available in Heaton Moor, there’s no longer an excuse to miss a workout. Make the change and transform your life with our women-only bootcamps!